The GOSH Conference is well known for covering a variety of specific workplace health and safety topics, including everything from fall protection and proper handling of pesticides to hazard communication and safety training.

But the conference also addresses big-picture issues that have the potential to touch many lives and many different workplaces.

The 2023 GOSH Conference is no exception. In addition to numerous breakout sessions and workshops covering a broad range of timely topics, the March 6-9 conference will feature keynote speaker Steven Eberlein, workplace resilience and engagement manager at Ethos Evacuation Strategies LLC.

Eberlein has dedicated his career to education and advocacy in the realm of disaster preparedness, with a specific focus on workplaces and communities in the Cascadia subduction zone and San Andreas Fault system.

During his GOSH keynote presentation, Eberlein will address the importance of preparing for earthquakes. His presentation will touch on several topics, including earthquake and tsunami preparedness for the home and office, creating a preparedness culture in the workplace, ShakeAlert, and training.